50 Days of Bold

An exercise in playful experimentation. Thanks to Helen House for the nudge (albeit some time ago…).

Painting has been something I’ve longed to do for as long as I can remember. And any previous attempts have been intermittent and impatient. I don’t have a sense of the amount of time a painting takes, or the process. I’ve had all the supplies for months, but now with some encouragement and technical support from Laura Shepherd and many others, I have jumped off the diving board into the pool. The hardest part thus far has been the starting. The ‘bold’ might come out in different ways, but for now it’s through the paint.

Day 1


I resist educating myself about ‘how’ to paint and yet have used the fact that I don’t know how to paint as the main excuse for not painting. Just a little twisted isn’t it? So last night I started. Inspired by the deep purple evening sky a few days ago, this is the first stage of something. I don’t know what will come on top of it but I am excited to have begun. In the past I played with art-making with friends, and made stained glass pieces. This tactile-creation side of me has been long gone since the computer took over my life. I know after one day that it isn’t something I can just drop in and out of. You can’t work on a painting in the same way you check Instagram or Facebook. I’m recognizing the time and space needed to nurture this process and flex my muscles again.

Day 2

This is taking some courage to post follow up work. I tried adding to the first painting and keep thinking it should be markedly improved. But I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t have a vision for it and maybe that’s hampering me. And my attempt at something other than brushing paint back and forth – ie trying some shapes – resulted in something I’m really not proud of. But I’m posting it anyway. I appreciate how subtle mixing colours is. A tiny bit too much blue and the green is army not leafy…

Day02-1 Day02-2 Day02-3

Day 3/4

I forgot to take a picture. But here’s the story. The other night I was walking Sadie for her final walk and I noticed that I was noticing things differently. I was looking at the sky and seeing how you could paint it…. The sky was dark black with a grey/black hue as it rose up. I realized that would need to be painted first. Then the nearly full moon was pure white with a haze coming out from it. That would be next. Then I would paint the silhouetted trees on top. So I’m on the second day of getting that grey/black background ‘right’. Here’s the pic:

Day 5/6

I keep forgetting to take pictures but will…

Day 7

the night sky

walking the dog tonight, in the cold crisp evening, above me the deep, dark night sky stretched with brush strokes of clouds streaking across it, leaving space for the points of light that create a distant and unreadable (to me) map of unknown places.


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