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Straight and Narrow Never Worked for Me

SaraElisabethPhotography-Allyson-1191-WebI’ve always done two things at once: student and restaurant server, filmmaker and production assistant, glass artist and office administrator, politician’s assistant and graphic designer, graphic designer and coach. Even now as a personal growth coach, I’ve kept a couple of graphic design clients that I’m just not ready to let go of. That work still satisfies a certain itch.

As a freelancer, I loved my work, but a few years ago finally acknowledged a deep yearning to shift away from sitting alone with a computer to working with change-makers who are seeking to change the world.

I work with purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs to help them re-align and re-balance so that they can continue changing the world.

CPCC_LOGOlIn 2013, I began my training with The Coaches’ Training Institute and in January 2015 became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I have personally experienced the kind of transformation I support in my clients as I found my voice and discovered the thrill of standing in my unique leadership. And as I continue coaching, I fall more and more deeply in love with humanity.

To support and enhance my coaching, I have also trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, The Work of Byron Katie and am a certified teacher of Philip Shepherd’s tepp-newThe Embodied Present Process (TEPP). The result is a unique coaching style rooted in an embodied experience of the world.

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Want more? Some back story

Sixteen and in love with the outdoors.

When I was 13 my family moved from Toronto to Vancouver. In grade 10 I had the good fortune to spend half the school year in an outdoor education program—a transformative experience that sparked phenomenal self-discovery. Through intense, daily workouts and four challenging wilderness trips, we learned about ourselves, about teamwork, about surviving in the wilderness and about leadership. (There was a significant failure of leadership by the three dudes who ran the program, but that’s a story for another time.)

I learned about a deep strength in my quiet and that I could outlast much stronger guys on a mentally-tough, icy switchback trail. I learned that speaking my truth always served me, and that forging strong bonds is deeply fulfilling and life-affirming. I also learned about my love of humanity—sparked as we sat around a campfire after a gruelling paddle across a lake in high winds, reconstituting dehydrated apple sauce and sharing life stories.

And a little more

Our lovely elderly ‘puppy’ Sadie, who operates as my accountability partner by requiring several walks a day.

Aside from my varied adventures as a filmmaker, stained glass artist, graphic designer, web designer, marketing and communications specialist, mature adult MA student (see my 2013 video about flash mobs that I made as part of my thesis), I am also a mother, partner, sister, daughter, community volunteer and outdoor enthusiast.

I live on funky Toronto Island with my fabulous and supportive partner, Philip Shepherd, who is changing the world with his work. Our delightful and fairly grown-up daughters have taught me volumes and inspire me into action as they work to create a new, sustainable world.

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Past Presentations u0026amp; Workshops

2016: Women Entrepreneur’s Network
“Vulnerability and Breath Workshop”

2015: GE Healthcare
“Working on Purpose” Workshop with Amanda Matjejicek

2015: Bedford Basin Yacht Club
Team Development for Sailing Coaches

2013: Popular Culture Association of Canada
Flash Mobs: Community and Social Media

2013: Qualitative Analysis Conference
Flash mobs: Creating the experience of community through digital technology

2013: Interdisciplinary Studies Colloquium Series
Flash Mobs: Making Meaning Through Social Media