About AW

Sixteen and in love with the outdoors.

When I was 13 my family moved from Toronto to Vancouver where I had the good fortune to spend half a school year in an outdoor education program. It was a transformative experience that sparked in me phenomenal self-discovery. Through crazy daily workouts and four challenging wilderness trips, we learned about ourselves, about teamwork, about surviving in the wilderness and about leadership. (There was a significant failure of leadership by the three guys who ran the program, but that’s a story for another time.)

I learned about a deep strength in my quiet and that I could outlast much stronger guys on a mentally-tough, icy switchback trail. I learned that speaking my truth always served me, and that forging strong bonds is deeply fulfilling and life-affirming. I also learned about my love of humanity – sparked as we sat around a campfire after a gruelling paddle across a lake in high winds, reconstituting dehydrated apple sauce and sharing life stories.

Outside in nature, I am informed by something larger than me and I connect to the wild peace of the present. 

From computers to coaching


You never know when transformation might knock on your door. Mine was sparked by a casual conversation in 2013 with a friend as I grappled with the choice of joining a psychotherapy training program or signing up for the first module of a “co-active coaching” course she had told me about. 

Fuelled by a desire to shift my work away from sitting alone in my office with a computer to working with change-makers seeking to change the world, I leapt and took the coaching course. 

That was almost three years ago and since then, I have trained and certified through The Coaches’ Training Institute as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and have personally experienced the kind of transformation I support in my clients. As my coaching practice expands, I fall more and more deeply in love with humanity. 

A few things I’ve learned about life, leadership, and coaching:

  • Life is happening right here, right now. No waiting.
  • Leadership exists in many forms and my inherent style is one from beside, rather than in front of. And it is powerful.
  • Coaching isn’t about offering solutions but rather helping clients see and live the fullest expression of themselves.



I am certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Professional Co-Active Coach. The process of training and certifying was richly rewarding and propelled my own personal growth and development. It helped me find my voice and learned to stand with ease in my unique leadership.

I have also trained in The Work of Byron Katie and am certified in Philip Shepherd’s The Embodied Present Process (TEPP). I guess it’s fair to say that I love learning and growing and finding new ways to help my clients.




A little more

Solo-preneurial spirit is in my genetic makeup , and I have been a filmmaker, stained glass artist, graphic designer, web designer, marketing and communications specialist, mature adult MA student (see my 2013 video about flash mobs that I made as part of my thesis), mother, partner, sister,  daughter, community volunteer and outdoor enthusiast. Recently I have become a hospice volunteer and am finding ways in which the skills of coaching can support families, patients and health-care professionals in having honest and important conversations.

I live on Toronto Island and have two delightful and insightful fairly grown-up daughters from whom I have learned volumes, a fabulous and supportive partner, Philip Shepherd, who is changing the world with his work, and a deep commitment to truth, intuition and connection. Oh, and a lovely elderly ‘puppy’ named Sadie!

Let’s talk!

Past Presentations & Workshops

2015: GE Healthcare
“Working on Purpose” Workshop with Amanda Matjejicek

2015: Bedford Basin Yacht Club
Team Development for Sailing Coaches

2013: Popular Culture Association of Canada
Flash Mobs: Community and Social Media

2013: Qualitative Analysis Conference
Flash mobs: Creating the experience of community through digital technology

2013: Interdisciplinary Studies Colloquium Series
Flash Mobs: Making Meaning Through Social Media