Why coaching?

“THIS SHIT WORKS!” – Kristen Bentley, CPCC

SaraElisabethPhotography-Allyson-1191-WebWhat could coaching with Allyson do for you right now?  Allyson doesn’t lecture or give advice.  Her area of expertise is the ability to unlock your expertise.  And what is your expertise?  Specifically, it is what comes to the fore when you are aligned with your deeper purpose.  When that happens, your natural creativity and resourcefulness are unlocked, and you move forward with a sense of wholeness in your life.  On the other hand, when you are not living your deeper purpose, you tend to feel confusion in your life, and a little stuck. Incorporating the principles of CTI’s Co-Active Coaching, The Work of Byron Katie and Philip Shepherd’s The Embodied Present Process, Allyson helps support you as you explore you own inner journey and understand your external impacts.

Why coaching with Allyson?

Because sometimes you need someone on your side who can help you kickstart what matters most in your life.

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