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Listening is Healing (and feeling)

“Real listening is the willingness to be changed by the other person.” – Actor Alan Alda ‘Deep listening’, or ‘tuning meditations’ first came into my awareness while studying film and sociology at Simon Fraser University in the late 1980s. I took a music appreciation class given by Donna Zapf—open to anyone in the university.  I loved her style and passion …

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Reflect, Celebrate and Look Forward

This morning I opened my Passion Planner (which I use with moderate success) and took a few minutes to answer the following questions. It proved to be a powerful reflection and resetting. It was so helpful to review what’s been working, what I’ve learned and where I want to shift.

Why, in the Body

Our heads sit atop these magnificent bodies. And we think that we do all our thinking high up in the cranium. But what I’m tuning into more and more (and what neuroscience is discovering and what my partner Philip Shepherd is teaching and writing about) is the degree to which knowledge and awareness suffuse our …

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