Coaching for Individuals

What’s missing?

My clients are soul-seekers. Change-makers who feel the need to make some changes in their own lives, who are looking to feel more grounded and connected to what’s important.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, or that something is missing in your personal life. Maybe you’ve had great success at work, but are looking around and wondering “is this it?” Maybe you notice buzzing bits of energy that keep you from feeling settled and able to move forward.

Coaching is a process that awakens your passion and purpose and helps you identify what needs to shift in order to live a more fulfilled life. It supports your journey forward by helping you develop new practices, shift perspectives and experience transformation.

We are so driven by what we have to do that we often neglect the nourishment of being, adding it to the long list of “shoulds” (I should be more present, I should relax, I should slow down, I should breathe). By finding your “peace in the wild present” we can bring a potent sense of aliveness and wholeness to your life.

And please understand – whether we work in a more traditional way by phone or in person, or you join me for some amazing walking and talking coaching (see Coaching in the Wild) – I won’t be offering you solutions and answers. There aren’t “Six steps to fulfillment” that you can follow. Coaching offers something else: the chance to discover what is most important to you and to find what is necessary and compelling to help you move forward. I’m just along for the ride to witness and support you. To help you through simple embodied exercises that will help you the rest of your life. And to ask some kick-ass questions from time to time!

Unlock your hidden purpose and open your heart to your own life.

Working Together

I will work with you to custom-design a package to suit your specific needs. The general basics:

Single session: $150 + HST
3 sessions*: $375 + HST
6 sessions*: $660 + HST

*Packages for three sessions and higher have a 90 minute discovery (first) session.

Let’s Talk!