It takes practice to make a practice

During a recent coaching session with my own coach, I committed to creating a simple morning practice with the idea of making some space in my day to help me stay grounded and feed my soul. In order to be accountable, I needed to send a quick email to my coach with as little or as much commentary as I like. Even a subject line ‘did it’ or ‘didn’t do it’ would suffice.

Well, the first day came and I sent the following message: ‘didn’t do it!’

Not a great start but an interesting experience, as someone who has encouraged my own clients to make a similar commitment to themselves. The two weeks were a struggle with me only making time for the morning practice about half of the time.

But it led me to contemplate what is it to NOT do something you’ve committed to doing. In the end, whether you did or didn’t do it isn’t nearly as important as whether or not you consciously chose NOT to do it! It’s also important to understand what you got out of doing it/not doing it.

What I learned from this failed practice was that a morning routine like that was too hard to fit into my already somewhat planned morning routine. (Wake at 6:20 am and meet my boardwalk walking buddies at 6:45, come home at 7:30, walk my daughter to the ferry at 7:45 and then go home to have breakfast and get to work by 8am!)

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