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Expect the unexpected

When I began CTI's Co-active Professional Coach certification training in early 2014, I had no idea of what lay ahead—what the many months of regular pod calls and supervisions would be like. I had no idea what courage it would take to listen to myself coaching when I sent recordings in for supervisions. Ouch! Do I really sound like that? Did I really let the client ramble on for 20 minutes without intruding? Why didn’t I react when she dropped that bomb about giving up on her life’s dream? What am I doing even coaching?! On the other hand, did I even pause in my self-critique to notice the moments when the coaching flowed and sang and was actually really good?!

Wherever you are in relationship to Certification, know that the learning will be rich. There will be times when you know “I’ve got this thing” and there will likely be moments when you think “What the hell am I doing?” And they’re all important moments.

One of the biggest learnings for me during Certification had nothing to do with Certification itself. It was to embrace the wild and crazy ride that life can be. And to embrace the calm quiet country lane that it can also be.

Life happens, even during Certification. I mean, whose life goes for a full six months without some significant event happening? Whether it’s a parent or a child or a partner getting sick, a house being bought or sold, or a kid going off to school for the first time or away to university… we live rich lives full of joy/sorrow/highs/low/challenges/easy moments. And what we’re all striving for, on some level, is finding our own version of peace in the wild present.

Finding that peace requires an element of surrendering control and allowing the messy beauty of life to be ok. I took my orientation call from Haida Gwaii, a spectacular remote island on the west coast of Canada. Not six weeks later, I tripped and sustained a mild concussion and some broken teeth. That made coaching challenging sometimes and I learned a lot about taking care of myself first, which in its way was a huge gift to my clients.

My final pod call was enjoyed while sitting in a gazebo on the ocean’s shore in Nova Scotia, Canada. I didn't even realize until right now that even though I live in Toronto, my Certification journey started and ended on Canada's west and east coasts. How cool is that?

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