Toronto Island Noise Records

If your complaint is about planes or the airport, please DO NOT use this form. Noise logs related to the airport can be submitted at http://www.torontoport.com/Feedback/Noise-Complaint.aspx

If you are disturbed by noise on or around Toronto Island:
  • call the venue during the event, or the Marine Unit at 416-808-5800 for tour boats only
  • please take a moment to fill out the form below
You will get a copy yourself, for your records. A copy will also be sent to the Toronto Island Noise Committee (TINC), so they can identify venues that are ongoing problems, and take appropriate action.
  • Your contact information

  • Details of disturbance

  • Type in the fields below to enter the date or use the drop down menus to select.
  • Ie: heavy bass, amplified voice (DJ), etc
  • Please enter the noise source here. If you cannot identify the venue, give as much detail as you can about the source
  • Ie: read the name of the tourboat going by, walked to the perimeter and could clearly hear music from .... , could see and hear crowds....couldn't tell but it was coming from the west....
  • ie. made me irritable, disturbed my sleep etc.
  • This helps support the noise complaint.
    Click 'No' if you do not provide your consent for the Toronto Island Noise Committee to forward your noise log, if applicable, to the appropriate agencies (such as AGCO, MLS etc).
  • Thank You

    When you click 'submit' your form is emailed to a member of the Toronto Island Noise Committee, with a copy to you as well.

Both the City of Toronto and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission have laws and regulations regarding noise. In addition, Polson Pier has special noise conditions on its liquor licence that it should be obeying. They are not to hold outside musical events, such as concerts. Amplified sound is not to be audible on Ward’s or Algonquin.

Source materials:
City of Toronto Noise bylaw
Ontario Liquor Licence Act regulations