Coaching in the Wild

Get out so you can get all in.

"The precise nature of the present is that of a wild peace."—Philip Shepherd

In your work. In your life.
In your body. In your being.

We live in anxiety-provoking times and are constantly bombarded with messaging, information and warnings that confuse and mask our own clarity.

We are told that the solutions to our anxiety and problems lie outside of us and it's just a matter of finding the right technique or hiring the right expert or product.

Do these six things and you'll be happy!"

Well, I call "bullshit". There is no prescription for happiness and there certainly aren't six steps to fulfillment. However, I do believe there are ways that can help you open to your whole intelligence and experience more flow, ease and connection in your life.

Join me for a one-on-one Coaching in the Wild session in the natural setting of Toronto Island. Just crossing the water on the ferry and being on the island helps time slow down, and helps the body soften, so that its inherent wisdom can begin to unlock. You begin to feel more clearly, and articulate more clearly. What coaching can achieve when supported by the vistas and rhythms of nature is a whole different order of understanding.

Allyson’s personal coaching sessions have been among the best decisions I have EVER made for both my career and personal life.—JP Beaudoin"

As we walk and talk together, surrounded by the wide wonder of Lake Ontario and the treed beauty of the islands, we embark on a journey that will help you find your peace in the wild present.

My humour, intuition, and unflagging compassion for your fullest self will help you align your life with your values, purpose and passion. You already have all the answers, you just need someone to ask the right questions. Our time together will be inspiring, fulfilling, peaceful and a little bit wild!

Live well that you may live well."

allyson-woodrooffeI love what this family motto says about how important it is to live here and now in the ways that matter most to you. Life doesn’t start sometime in the future (when the kids are gone, when I retire, when I get a promotion…) This is your life. It's here. Now.

What's also in that motto for me, is how important taking care of ourselves is so that we can continue to take care of ourselves and others. (Blog post: Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.) We all have had at least one curveball knock us off course, and reveal the incredible fragility and uncertainty of life. And beauty. This session is meant to help you connect to your inner truths and access the resources you already possess so that you can handle the flow of life with more ease and clarity.

How does it work?

Crossing the water

Once you step onto the ferry at the foot of Bay Street, you will enjoy a transformative ten-minute ride on the water that will carry you to idyllic Ward's Island where I will meet you. We’ll make a quick stop at my house (a 3 min stroll from the ferry), if necessary, to change and stow your belongings. Then we will head out for a very different kind of coaching - walking outdoors in nature beside Lake Ontario, with trees and the ever-changing sky above us for company and guidance. We will return to my house to finish our session, before sending you on your way, newly grounded, refreshed and recharged.

Island light – Fall 2014

I've lived on the island for 28 years, and look forward to showing you some of its magic. Before our first session you will receive an online questionnaire to get the juices flowing on your hopes, desires, and the places you want to transform. And each session will be tailored to address whatever that calls up for you.

I’m counting on you to show up ready to engage, connect and laugh a bit too.

Want to find out more?

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Other Questions

A trip to the island? Won’t that take all day?

No! The beauty of the island is that the ferry docks are just at the bottom of Bay Street at Queen’s Quay and the ride over is only 10 minutes. With the few minutes to walk to my house, your total time away from downtown will be under 3 hours.  If you want to tack on an additional hour, we can make arrangements. Here is a link to the City Ferry docks for more info about the ferry. (We will fine tune the timing to suit your needs when we talk.)

What about the weather?

The boardwalk and frozen lake – winter 2015

Yes, it can be cold or wet. But it’s still spectacular outside. “Coaching in the Wild” is a year-round option… the island is as gorgeous in winter as it is the rest of the year. And so quiet. However, it is important to dress for the weather! I have some extra winter jackets and other warm things I can lend out. We can always hold our session at my house if the weather is too intense.

What pace will we walk at?

We will walk at the pace you are comfortable with, and we will stop and smell the pines, or toss pebbles into the lake. We will walk and talk and explore your passion and purpose. Being in nature is calming, restorative and grounding. It helps open up new perspectives and connections. Being physical as we do this work helps you quiet the thoughts in your head and discover new ways of thinking and being.

How much?

The rate for this transformative two-hour Coaching in the Wild session is $195 + HST. Not including your ferry ticket.

Let's Talk!

Why Allyson?

Paddling on the lagoon – spring 2014

I was blessed with the chance to be outside much of my childhood. As a girl, I learned to canoe and swim in Ontario and first fell in love with trees in my grandfather's 100 acre forest. I became a life-long ski fanatic as a teenager in Vancouver and spent three weeks paddling in the Yukon when I was 17. Nature has always been my inspiration, my peace, my spiritual practice. The overwhelm of everyday life diminishes for me and shifts into a new perspective when I’m out there in the ‘wild’.

I am based in Toronto and work as an embodiment coach and workshop facilitator and am the co-founder of  The Embodied Present Process with Philip Shepherd. I meets clients exactly where they are, in their bodies, in this moment, and support them in the journey of coming home to themselves. In doing so they experience greater ease, feel grounded in the present and the world, and access clarity from within. I am certified both as a Co-Active coach and as a facilitator of The Embodied Present Process. I work both in person in Toronto and while traveling for workshops, and via the phone, Skype or Zoom.

To read more about me, visit About Allyson.