It starts with the breath

Breath is our most natural impulse; it gives us life and nourishes our bodies. It’s also a barometer to how we’re feeling and communicates our state of being. When we're anxious, it's shallow and restricted. When we're relaxed and calm, like after a massage, it flows more slowly and with more ease. Breath supports our very being, and yet unnoticed patterns often inhibit our experience of the breath, leaving us feeling anxious and uncertain.

"Spiritual traditions the world over have developed disciplines and practices to bring attention to the breath—for it puts you in touch not just with your life, but with the life coursing through the moment. Similarly the words animal, psyche, spirituality and inspiration all trace their roots back to words meaning “breath.” Your experience of your breath is foundational not just to life, but to your experience of life.”
–Philip Shepherd, Radical Wholeness

There isn't a 'right' way to breathe and I'm not interested in adding more things to your overflowing to-do list. (Meditate! Stretch! Workout! Tidy up! Work harder!) Instead, I'm excited to share with you some innovative practices that help you discover new ways of initiating breath into the body, ways that belong in your everyday life, not in a special 'breathing' session before work.

Drawing on exercises from Philip Shepherd's The Embodied Present Process™ and supported through my training as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, our work together will help you discover how the body can release to the breath naturally and easily; and it can do so in ways that help minimize anxiety, increase energy and support your own clarity.

This work brings deep awareness to your breath and how it can support you in sustainable experience. It's not about muscling the breath or the body, but rather restoring it to its natural state of flow and ease. Have you ever had the pleasure of watching a newborn sleeping? How the whole of its being rises and falls with the breath? Ultimately the aim is of our work is to help you rediscover your restorative and natural breath so that it can nourish and support you even on the busiest of days.

Our in-person sessions will help you:

  • explore new ways of initiating breath into the body;
  • discover the intermingling of voice and breath;
  • bring awareness to your breath;
  • feel supported by your breath; and
  • access the clarity and wisdom of your body.

Session prices start at $115 CDN + HST.

To book a session, or to talk more about this, please contact me here.

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