She wound the delicate silver chain
round and round and round her belly.

Unbreakable, fluid armour
pretending to be embellishment.

Its cool touch numbs
like a cast spell, unnoticed.

Worn so long, the links have fused.
No knife can cut it.
No hands can tear it.
No heat can melt it.

Only breath,
breath can begin
the unwinding.

2 thoughts on “Unwinding”

  1. Hi Allyson, sweet to see your face for one moment on skype.
    I love this poem unwinding and would like to share it at my next new moon. Do I have your permission?
    It is beautiful and true!! Just like I feel you.

    1. Hey Stacia,
      Thanks for the lovely feedback and yes, please feel free to share the poem with your group!
      Hope we can ‘unwind’ together sometime soon!

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