Work with me

Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment coaching helps women land in their bodies where they discover the grace and limitless resource of calm and clarity.

Embodiment coaching not only helps you discover yourself, but by reuniting with that deep intelligence found in the body, we find a renewed relationship with the present, with ourselves and with all our relationships.

Embodiment Workshops

Leading embodiment and creativity workshops is one of my greatest pleasures and passions. The sacred energy of the circle never ceases to astound me. 

In community we support, engage and inspire each other as we embark on a process of discovery of ourselves awakening to our natural creativities and the present.

Coaching in the Wild

In a coaching in the wild session, we take our work outside. Nature is a most potent companion and teacher in our journey back to the body, back to the present. 

Join me on Toronto Island for a one-on-one outdoor session where we will walk and talk and explore various embodiment practices all supported by the natural world.

Discover your true nature

Many women freeze when faced with the question of what they really need or want. Our culture has taught us to serve others first, taking care of everyone else and then if there is any time or energy left, you can ‘indulge’ in some 'self-care'. There has been a systemic and cultural dulling of the profound intelligence within the body. When (if) we're asked what we truly crave, it's often a deer-in-the headlights moment. 

However, there's also a trap in 'knowing what you want' or 'being who you know yourself to be'. When we claim ourselves as a fixed, known entity, our responsiveness to the present is diminished and our energies are dedicated to upholding that known entity rather than living in the present.

An alternative is to come into contact with your deepest truths and discover yourself anew in every moment, through the deep-dwelling intelligence of your body. This is the nature of our work together. We rediscover the body releasing to the breath, come into contact with the various energies felt within the body and give them a place to come home. It's when that integration happens, that clarity can be found.

This work isn't for the faint of heart – it's for those who can no longer live within a body numbed to the energies of the themselves and the world.