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allyson woodrooffe embodiment coach

Pregnancy and The Body's Intelligence

A new online workshop, offering an array of practices to support you through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

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Embodiment Coaching

My unique embodiment coaching helps women land in their bodies where they discover the grace and limitless resource of the present.


Leading embodiment and creativity workshops is one of my greatest passions. The sacred energy of the circle never ceases to astound me!

Coaching in the Wild

This two-hour outdoor coaching experience (we go indoors if the weather insists!) offers a very different experience as we are informed by nature all along the way.


Charlotte, Toronto

I was stuck in a dilemma that was "charged" for me, and Allyson's insightful and compassionate probing and listening ...
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Jane, Toronto

Allyson is calm and thoughtful, and creates a safe environment, all while leading you on a journey of deep self reflection.
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Kathleen, Toronto

 A single coaching session with Allyson got me going on two life changes I'd been putting off for ages. ...
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Let life be lived

I’ve been wanting to write to you every day for many months, but most particularly this past one. ...
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Being and breathing

The last time I offered a Whole Body Breath workshop in our house, my husband nearly broke his ...
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Allyson walking on the beach with post-concussion syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome and the breath

Post-concussion syndrome can knock you out It seems like people all over the place are hitting their heads ...
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My story​

Tofino BC. Photo taken by my daughter. Goofy, but I like it - it's me coming out of my shell, taking up space in the world. My story is one of journeying home to myself—slowly, sometimes impatiently, as gently as possible. The first time I felt my voice rising up from the depths of my torso I burst into tears. The tears were for the shock and newness of how that voice felt, and for all the years my voice remained guarded and contained within. 

I work with women who want to discover their voices, their bodies and the clarity and truth found within.